Keywords love Shanghai for promotion tutorial detailed way

thank you for your cooperation! can be matched in three ways in "keyword matching" in a columnIn addition,

in to add a plus in brackets ([], said in half-width character) exact matching, double quotes ("", half-width character) said in phrase matching, without any sign that in broad match, this is the system automatically for your chosen keywords matching.


1. more potential >

The use of

to talk about the novices used widely,

set in add keywords, you can match the way to modify existing keywords at any time.

3. batch input tool, a

1. keywords / creative list, matching options can be reflected in the

SEMadmin the first two articles of creative writing to choose keywords, SEMer will also reflect the good, this is about "keywords love Shanghai for promotion tutorial, use", or that sentence SEMadmin last stage love Shanghai for promotion tutorial for some just contact SEM novice dedication feast. So the first part of the article is from the concept. The veterans have read the novel after reading the first half of the speed of

In addition

2. in the use of keyword recommendation tools add keywords, click the "add" link, you can choose the matching way.


Internet users search habits vary widely in the expression of the same kind of product / service requirements, they may use the search term is varied. You can not put all possible search terms to list them one by one, as a keyword submitted to the system, which means the loss of business opportunities. Widely used, when users search for words and your highly relevant keywords, even if you did not submit these words, you may also get promotion results show the opportunity, therefore, widely, will bring benefits to you the following three aspects:

love Shanghai phoenix nest promotion system provides three different matching methods, matching is a basic set of keywords, any one of the words must be in widespread, phrases, one of the three, precisely in the way. Through different ways to add keywords, set matching methods differ:

keyword literallyKeywords

users in Shanghai love search keywords from time to time, love Shanghai phoenix nest system will automatically pick the corresponding with all customers to participate in the auction to put in advertisement with similar or identical keyword promotion results show in front of Internet users. In order to better grasp the customer promotion effect through the matching set of keywords, to determine the possible relationship between Internet search words and key words. This article from SEMadmin (SEM Club), SEM Club dedicated search engine for the exchange of technology promotion personnel, please leave the copyright information

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