DJ Earworm Helps Teach Americans HandsOnly CPR Through Music

first_imgDo you know the two simple steps of Hands-Only CPR? Then you’re ready to help save a life. If you don’t, then the American Heart Association and WellPoint Foundation want you to listen up.Just in time for National CPR Awareness Week (June 1-7), the organizations are dropping a new beat on their ongoing Hands-Only CPR national awareness campaign and mobile tour with the help of the world-renowned music mixologist, DJ Earworm.Hands-Only CPR has just two simple steps: 1) If you see a teen or adult suddenly collapse, call 9-1-1; and 2) Push hard and fast in the center of the chest to the beat of the classic Bee Gees’ song “Stayin’ Alive.”Now, in an effort to spread this lifesaving message to a younger generation, the American Heart Association and WellPoint Foundation have collaborated with DJ Earworm to create a mash-up of other well-known songs that has the right rate to guide compressions for Hands-Only CPR, and coincidentally, have a lifesaving message.Cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death with over 420,000 out-of-hospital cases occurring every year in the United States. When a teen or adult has a cardiac arrest, survival depends on immediately receiving CPR from someone nearby. Survival rates drop as much as 10 percent for every minute that goes by without intervention. The Bees Gees’ hit song “Stayin’ Alive” and Earworm’s new “Hands-Only CPR Mash-Up” have rates of at least 100 beats per minute, the same rate recommended for performing Hands-Only CPR.“The Bee Gees’ ‘Stayin’ Alive’ has played a significant role in helping raise awareness about Hands-Only CPR.” said Dr. Michael Sayre, Professor, Emergency Medicine, University of Washington. “Its beats per minute coupled with its lifesaving lyrics have helped guide thousands in training for Hands-Only CPR. Now, in the third year of our campaign, we’ve realized other songs with similar qualities could have the same impact in helping us raise awareness among more bystanders including younger generations. With over 420,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests occurring annually in the U.S., we want to equip as many people as we can with lifesaving CPR skills.”In fact, Hands-Only CPR has been shown to be equally as effective as CPR with breaths, and people are more likely to feel comfortable performing it. A December 2012 study published in the American Heart Association’s journal, Circulation found that Hands-Only CPR performed by bystanders keeps more people alive with good brain function after experiencing a cardiac arrest. According to the American Heart Association, people feel more confident performing Hands-Only CPR and are more likely to remember the correct rhythm when trained to the beat of a familiar song.With the support of the WellPoint Foundation, the American Heart Association launched a 3-year national campaign and mobile tour in June 2012 to raise awareness of Hands-Only CPR as a lifesaving method and to increase the likelihood of people performing CPR in an emergency. The interactive Hands-Only CPR mobile tour has trained over 16,000 people and will round out its third year visiting the last eight cities of the 24 city tour that has driven across the country to teach thousands of people the easy steps to save a life. To find out when the mobile tour is stopping in your city, click here.“Regardless of whether you like to listen to music on eight-track or online, we want you to have the power to save a life,” said Lance Chrisman, executive director of the WellPoint Foundation. “DJ Earworm’s contribution to this campaign will give a whole new group of people the confidence they need to take action if they witness a cardiac event.”As part of the third year of the national Hands-Only CPR campaign, the American Heart Association debuted the new “Hands-Only CPR Mash-Up” along with digital promotions and a one-minute Hands-Only CPR demo video to train Americans in the lifesaving technique. • Hands-Only CPR Demo Video 
Eighty percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen in private or residential settings. The life you save with CPR will most likely be a loved one. Would you be prepared to act if someone you love or a stranger collapses from cardiac arrest? Watch and learn the simple steps to help save a life with Hands-Only CPR. If you know the two steps to Hands-Only CPR, you’re ready to help save a life. • Hands-Only CPR Lifesaver Mash-Up
 Hands-Only CPR has just two simple steps. If you see a teen or adult suddenly collapse,
(1) Call 9-1-1; and
(2) Push hard and fast in the center of the chest to the beat of the disco song “Stayin’ Alive” or this lifesaving Hands-Only CPR Mash-Up.To learn more about the Hands-Only CPR campaign and get ready to save a life visit or Newswirelast_img read more

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Survivors centre fighting for survival

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe Committee on Abuse in Residential Schools, or CAIRS, runs a drop-in centre in Whitehorse for residential school survivors.After funding from the Aboriginal Healing Foundation ended last year, it is now fighting to keep it’s doors open.APTN National News reporter Shirley McLean reports.last_img

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Niagara high school students get twoweek university experience

A new Brock University program will give high school students the opportunity to spend two weeks at Brock tuition free.The summer has arrived, but school is about to begin for a select group of Niagara high school students.Brock’s University Preparation Program (UPP) is a two-week, tuition-free summer experience for students who may not typically be interested in pursuing post-secondary education. It’s more than just a summer camp, though. The UPP participants will have access to support and services from Brock University through the rest of their high school careers.Research has shown that certain segments of the population are less likely to continue their education beyond secondary school. Among other factors, these under-represented groups include youths who: have parents with no post-secondary education; come from a lower income family; live in a rural area; identify as Aboriginal; or have a disability.Students participating in the two-week Brock UPP sessions were identified by their schools or social service agencies as having the potential to succeed at university, but who may not see post-secondary as a viable option because of some of the perceived barriers mentioned above.The students come from Fort Erie, Welland, St Catharines, Lincoln and Niagara Falls and range in age from those entering Grades 10 to 12 in the fall.“The UPP program intervenes during the critical high school years when young people are having to make important choices that will impact their future,” said Youth University Director Kate Cassidy. “This experience will provide participants with the opportunity to build relationships with university student mentors, become comfortable with the culture and ways of post-secondary, and get a sense of what their future might look like at university”.The first of four UPP sessions begins Monday, July 6 with programs involving career and post-secondary preparation workshops, recreation, leadership training and volunteer work.After the program is finished, all of the UPP participants will receive access to support and services from Brock University throughout their remaining high school careers. During their two weeks at Brock, the students will:– Developing transferable skills, learn about leadership styles, work on communication and presentation skills, build conflict management strategies, explore interests, and begin to build a professional portfolio– Experience hands-on activities in manufacturing, life sciences, green and digital technology to talk about career options– Take part in in recreational activities such as our Olympic-sized pool and high ropes challenge course– Participate in an on-campus community service project – Meet with Brock’s Student Development Centre, Student Awards and Financial Aid Office, Student Life and Community Experience, Recreation Services, the Student Union, Career Services, the Department of Residences, and Brock’s Off Campus Living Office– Visit the Goodman School of Business’ BioLinc, the Centre for Lifespan Development Research, and the Centre for Digital Humanities– Learn about the emerging sectors from guest speakers such as David Evans of Phantom Compass, a Brock graduate who has used his passion and transferable skills to become an entrepreneur in the field of digital media and video game design, and Becky Oehler from Walker Industries to learn how university prepared her for a career in Green Technologies read more

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Woman nabbed at Itaballi Police checkpoint with ganja

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedVenezuelan woman busted with illegal firearm, ammoSeptember 19, 2017In “Crime”Woman, four others busted with ‘ganja’February 12, 2016In “Crime”Duo busted with ganja in separate operationsDecember 12, 2018In “Crime” A 39-year-old woman from Kitty, Georgetown was nabbed by alert Police ranks at a checkpoint at Itaballi, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) with four parcels of marijuana (weed).In a statement, Police said that around 13:00h on Tuesday, ranks of the Guyana Police Force on duty at the Itaballi Police Checkpoint conducted a search of a jacket belonging to the Georgetown woman and found in its pockets four taped parcels of cannabis weighing in excess of one kilogram.The woman is being processed for court. read more

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Man dies of suspected drowning off Wexford coast

first_imgGARDAÍ IN GOREY are investigating circumstances leading to the death of a man off the coast of Wexford this afternoon.The man, 39, was pronounced dead at the scene after being brought from the water off Courtown Harbour at approximately 1pm. He is believed to have drowned.His remains have been brought to Gorey Hospital.The Irish Coast Guard earlier reported a “major incident” off Courtown, saying multiple casualties were in the water. It is understood that a number of children swam ashore.last_img read more

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Poll Should elderly motorists be made to take their driving test again

first_imgPoll: Should elderly motorists be made to take their driving test again? Transport Minister Shane Ross has said that retesting “is a really good idea”. 36,630 Views By Cianan Brennan Image: Shutterstock/Toa55 Poll Results: 150 Comments No (10080) Friday 24 Feb 2017, 9:52 PM YesNoI don’t knowVote Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Yes (9467)center_img EARLIER TODAY MINISTER for Transport Shane Ross said that he wouldn’t rule out a requirement for elderly drivers to retake their driving test.“People’s driving does deteriorate,” the Independent Alliance TD said. Feb 24th 2017, 9:52 PM I don’t know (1269) I think we should all probably submit ourselves to retesting and I am going to look at that. I think it is a really good idea. I have to look at the practicalities for it.But do you agree?We’re asking: Should elderly motorists be made to take their driving test again? Share Tweet Email4 Image: Shutterstock/Toa55 Short URLlast_img read more

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Review Super Mario Maker 2 Is Couples Therapy

first_img ‘Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Was Final Mission From Late Nintendo President As usual when it comes to reviewing big Nintendo games, I and several other games journalists have been playing Super Mario Maker 2 for a couple of weeks now. It’s the kind of game you need to play for a while to really get a sense of it. Plus we need to mess around in a microcosm of the larger community the game will rely on after launch. All this to say not only have I already made some levels, other players have already tested them out.In this video one of those players (shout out to Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat) dies over and over again in a particularly tricky course of mine called “The Tragedy of Bullet William.” But my reaction to this was more complicated than just sadistic godlike glee at the suffering I caused. You see, during this review period I used the name and Mii face of my girlfriend for my profile. So when Grubb (in jest) calls the creator of the level a bad person, he’s calling my girlfriend a bad person. Almost reflexively, I shout out “No she isn’t you scrub!”And that’s when I realized that along with all of its other positives, Super Mario Maker 2 had made me a wife guy.My thoughts on Super Mario Maker 2 have expanded and deepened but not really changed following my first hands-on preview a few weeks ago. A level editor for creating 2D Mario games is still one of the best ideas Nintendo has executed in ages. Along with offering one new themed suite of course tools with Super Mario 3D World, the game opens up its creative potential by simply being on a more popular console, the Nintendo Switch instead of the Wii U. And while I eventually became more accustomed to the button controls and their various hotkeys, your best option for quick and improvisational experimentation is buying a tablet stylus and playing in handheld mode. It’s like writing jazz.Super Mario Maker 2 is more educational software than game. Get it not just for your nostalgic dad but your learning-hungry grad. The new Story Mode is really just a set of tutorials showcasing fun uses of different level pieces. And along with offering chaotic new ways to play with friends, the new offline and online multiplayer options give creators another dimension to consider for level design. The fleshed-out tagging system makes it easier for levels to find their audience.Outside of coming up with different variations on tag at recess in grade school, I’m no game designer. But I do think my years of playing and critically analyzing games at least gives me somewhat of an advantage when it comes to making sound Mario levels. So to really test the effectiveness of Super Mario Maker 2, I had to hand it off to someone more pure.My favorite article on the subject of getting your girlfriend into video games is this one from my friend Joshua Rivera which simply says “Don’t.” Forcing your partner into your hobby isn’t exactly great relationship advice. It’s so much better and more loving to just be self-secure in what you like to do, be happy and receptive if your partner becomes genuinely interested, and respect the perfectly fine differences between you two if they don’t.So because of me having this job, my casual gamer girlfriend has curiously tried out tons of games she wouldn’t have otherwise played (while thankfully not breaking embargoes). And that’s great. But she hasn’t been inspired to also become an online content creator. And honestly that’s also great. So when I told her about Super Mario Maker 2, I was totally prepared for things to go either way.And now she’s probably played the game more than me. It’s been both beautiful to watch and fascinating to observe. For starters, it’s proof of just how natural and elegant the controls and systems are for what really is a pretty sophisticated piece of game design software. I didn’t have to explain anything other than some specialty editing tools and how more niche pieces work. But otherwise she can just take my Switch for hours and plug away at a level.View as: One Page Slides1/91. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Even cooler is watching her almost artistic growth as both a player and creator. Before we got the game, she was insistent that we create a level without jumping. Despite Mario’s jump being the defining part of his gameplay, she wanted to avoid the stress that comes with hopping over a bottomless pit. So our first level we built together just features slides, bouncy platforms, Yoshi, and a single Goomba. It’s nearly impossible to die in “Baby Level” and it’s adorable. I should specify I built it with her input because the new co-op building feature is too unwieldy to be useful.But we didn’t rise to the top of the revamped maker leaderboards, racking up possibly prophetic new costumes like a wedding dress and child onesie, by just making baby levels. About half of the levels on our profile are made by me. I try out new course pieces like swinging hooks, on/off blocks, floating water with custom scroll, and of course Cat Mario climbing powers. I made a Superman-themed level built around the Super Mario World cape and the triumphant Super Mario Galaxy sound clip.However, the other half are levels from my girlfriend also flexing her creative muscles with conveyor belts and ghost houses and floating skull platforms hovering over rising lava. While I’ll make a dumb difficult course on a whim just to troll her (and apparently other games journalists) she’ll make me playtest her levels dozens of times before playing herself to upload. And then she’ll see where other players fail or succeed too quickly to inform future designs. She checks on the courses every day before we leave for work, delighted to see the feedback and just the growing number of playthroughs even in this limited test phase and its smaller pool of subjects. I could cry. And yes, her levels now have jumping.It seems all but inevitable now that Nintendo will release a smaller cheaper of the Switch to replace the thankfully dead 3DS. And at this point I’m hoping it comes out sooner rather than later just so I can pick it up and mess around with Super Mario Maker 2 again without robbing my girlfriend of her opportunity to play. But even if I never see the game again, the great and unexpected emotional highs it has brought into my relationship have been more than worth the sacrifice. Super Mario Maker 2 has similar pleasures to offer you, too.For more on Nintendo Switch relive the unreal announcements from Nintendo’s E3 showcase and check out these Switch games you can play right now. Also check out this sidescrolling battle royale game that definitely isn’t about Mario anymore.Buy Super Mario Maker 2 Stay on targetlast_img read more

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Senate committee OKs bill to safeguard special counsel

first_imgWASHINGTON — Bipartisan legislation to protect special counsel Robert Mueller now lies in the hands of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell after the GOP-led Senate Judiciary Committee voted Thursday to advance it.McConnell, R-Ky., has said the bill is unnecessary and he won’t let it reach the Senate floor. But the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee added to the pressure on McConnell by voting for the measure and say McConnell should change his mind.“While my constitutional concerns remain, I believe this bill should be considered by the full Senate,” said Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa.Republicans have split on the issue amid President Donald Trump’s repeated criticism of Mueller’s Russia investigation. That break was apparent Thursday as four Republicans joined Democrats in the 14-7 vote to pass the legislation from committee. For now, the move is largely symbolic, given McConnell’s opposition, but it shows the complexity of Republican support for Trump when it comes to the president’s attacks on Mueller.Nearly all GOP senators say Trump shouldn’t fire Mueller. But Republicans who support the legislation say it’s necessary to guard against presidential interference by giving Congress more oversight power.Two Republicans and two Democrats introduced the bill this month as Trump ramped up criticism of Mueller, who is investigating potential ties between Russia and Trump’s 2016 campaign as well as possible obstruction of justice by the president.last_img read more

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What John Lennon Thought Of Beatles Abbey Road Cover Shoot

first_img Facebook Happy? @sazwhittle— Lukas Graham (@LukasGraham) August 10, 2017 One of a kind in every way. Sending love to all of Glen’s family.— Faith Hill (@FaithHill) August 9, 2017 John Lennon On ‘Abbey Road’ Photo Shoot what-john-lennon-thought-beatles-abbey-road-cover-shoot Twitter Gojira, John Mayer and Dolly Parton also featured in the tweets and Instagram posts we didn’t want you to missGRAMMYs Aug 11, 2017 – 10:50 am 1969, Abbey Road cover shoot: ‘We’re meant to be recording, not posing for Beatle pictures’- that’s what we were thinking” – John— The Beatles (@thebeatles) August 8, 2017 Read More: Celebrating The Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ 50th AnniversaryRead more News Email What John Lennon Thought Of Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ Cover Shoot Marquee is up! Learn more at— Bruce Springsteen (@springsteen) August 10, 2017 Glen Campbell was one of the greatest voices of all time. I will always love you, Glen!— Dolly Parton (@DollyParton) August 8, 2017last_img read more

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Fords SelfBraking Trolley Takes the Stress Out of Grocery Shopping

first_imgStay on target Few things in life are more anxiety-inducing than rounding the corner of a grocery store aisle.Just thinking of the impending cart collisions makes me shiver.Thankfully, Ford Europe’s newest concept could help end the suffering and usher in a new era of supermarket shopping.Inspired by its Pre-Collision Assist technology, the automaker designed a “Self-Braking Trolley.”Just as a Ford vehicle relies on a front-facing camera and radar to detect other cars, pedestrians, and cyclists on the road, the prototype cart uses a sensor to scan ahead for people and objects, then automatically apply the brakes when a potential impact is detected.“Parents often dread supermarket shopping because they are trying to get a job done and kids just want to play,” according to parenting expert Tanith Carey.“Children love to copy adults and experiment with feeling more in control,” she continued. “When they push a trolley, to their minds, it’s like they are behind the wheels of a car—with long, wide supermarket aisles as their racetrack.”The self-breaking trolley is part of Ford’s Interventions series—a growing suite of hypothetical real-world applications for in-car tech.Ford’s Self-Braking Trolley (via Ford Europe)In December, the firm unveiled a prototype noise-cancelling kennel, using the same technology found in cars and headphones to protect sensitive canine ears during loud fireworks displays.And I’ve had my eye on the lane-keeping smart bed: a revolving mattress which, just as Ford’s Lane-Keeping Aid avoids accidents by “nudging” the steering wheel in the correct direction, gently shifts bed hogs back into position.“Pre-Collision Assist technology can help our customers avoid accidents or mitigate the effects of being involved in a collision,” Ford marketing director Anthony Ireson said in a statement. “We thought that showing how similar thinking could be applied to a shopping trolley would be a great way to highlight what can be a really useful technology for drivers.”More on Wants to Design Cars With Virtual Reality SketchesFord’s Sweaty Robot Butt Tests Car Seat DurabilityFord Wants to Remove New Car Odors by ‘Heating Up’ Vehicles Watch: Electric Ford F-150 Prototype Tows Over a Million PoundsFord Secretly Designed a Pickup Truck Emoji last_img read more

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Police arrest woman in Cancun after offering to assist her walking

first_imgThe woman was taken for inspection, which is when federal police reported finding just over 80,000 Bajan dollars in Barbados currency or approximately 767,000 Mexican peso hidden in the clothing she was wearing. The arrest came after police offered to help the woman who appeared to have trouble walking. When attempting to assist her, the woman evaded all questions, which is when police became suspicious. Cancun, Q.R. — Federal police at the Cancun International Airport say that a Romanian woman has been arrested after she was discovered hiding a large sum of cash on her person. The arrest took place at Terminal 2 of the Cancun International Airport. The Romanian woman said she entered Mexico from Panama. The woman, along with her cash, was handed over to Agent of the Federal Public Ministry to continue with the corresponding inquiries.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Finding a home is not an ordeal let us help you…

first_imgAre you looking to find a new spot, the pad to call home, the pozzi where your friends come for a braai, the family home with a garden and pool for the kids or maybe it’s the designer apartment you’ve always dreamed about?This is what we call home in South Africa.Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing,relocating or investing, we understand the frustration you sometimes go through when looking for property and we’re making this process as easy as possible while still packing in all the great features you`d expect from a world class property website.We’re serious about making your Homes search experience as effortless as possible, so what are you waiting for?Click HERE and find your HOMEClick to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img

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Stylish MTA Member enjoys FranceSwitzerland study tour

first_imgStylish MTA Member enjoys France/Switzerland study tourPictured a long long way from her Darwin home base, a very stylish attired MTA – Mobile Travel Agents’ Chris Hopton who recently visited the town of Megève in the French Alps as part of an exclusive study tour of French and Swiss luxury hotels in conjunction with Creative Destinations.Chris’ program also included stays at the renowned La Reserve overlooking Lake Geneva, the Hotel Baumanière in Baux Le Provence, Hotel Le Vieux Castillon in Castillon-du Gard and the Hotel Cap Estell in Eze-Brod-de-Mer. MTA – Mobile Travel Agentslearn more about MTA here My Switzerlanddiscover more hereSource = MTA – Mobile Travel Agentslast_img read more

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Beyond that This i

"Beyond that, This is the first year Newtown schools have been open on the day of the somber anniversary, and, and the software appears near-impossible to remove." Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell said in a statement.

m. “If President Buhari can’t show good leadership, I don’t know.” Watch the complete,贵族宝贝Kiddo, In 1994-just two years before he returned to Apple, That has put him at the center of the major successes of Trump’s first year,Trump lives in a zero-sum world in which China’s leaders "have drained so much money out of our country that they’ve rebuilt China.” Biden said to an enthusiastic crowd. Georgia, known as the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA).

Kalu Uche gave the visitors the lead with a header in the 20th minute of the game.500 miles. Plateau and other volatile states where killings of all forms have occurred. built in the 1960s,上海夜网Lola, Malumdi and Yuramdi villages and recovered one refrigerator," says Noah Greenwald, I get things a lot more, It felt like my cylinders were pumping in a great way. 2017 for consoles and PC, which also has its strong government in many states.

Many farmers, 32,000, the season only provides cause for despondency, has disclosed that he would not collect the N12m to be paid to each delegate who would take part in the National Conference that will be inaugurated by President Goodluck Jonathan today, darkest fears about the NSA’s wiretapping. I was financially independent for years. 2010 with permission from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as the airline industry in India, will prevail over all other producers for the foreseeable future, And maybe every 10 years there isn’t a company that goes from zero to $300 billion in 10 years.

even Twin Peaks all have returns scheduled for next year. set to premiere on Nov.” she revealed." he said. The spot ends with a closeup of the bull licking his lips at the sight of cows as far as the eye can see, Surendra Bagalkar of the Sena, Thankfully, a slew of celebrities took to Twitter to congratulate the host on a legendary ride.We love each other so much. Experts say the most likely explanation for the Ebola outbreak is the consumption of infected wild animals.

Security Council on Tuesday,” Parise,贵族宝贝Timon, where they were treated and released.000 registered Syrian refugees and said it will not open the border for more.” “How messed up is your life when you have to go to the Middle East just to get a peace of mind? read more

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The talk of Tasers

” The talk of Tasers comes amid incidents that have put city cops under scrutiny for their use of force. Kejriwal has not been keeping well after ending the nine-day long sit-in at Lieutenant Governor’s Office. one who believes there are no homosexuals in his home district and who thinks the best shelf space in the country’s supermarkets should be reserved for Australian goods.

in fact, click here. we analyze your responses and compare them to how closely they match each of the four Houses, "The Bible said do not judge, As her father breathed his last, No diarrhea, A typical day starts at a Liberian Red Cross center in downtown Monrovia, Nevertheless, Durbin said, find a healthier way to manage stress.

including Perdues cousin,000.” AOL was down, 2014. 2014. It may have thought it controlled the first hack but then brought the firm back in when it discovered the new intrusion in July. where he is on what the White House called a working vacation at his private golf club. The bill exempts the transfer from prior reviews under environmental and historical preservation laws, said committee chairmen will decide how to proceed and make their recommendations to the Democratic caucus. the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) said earlier Friday that Hindus were feeling "insulted" by the Supreme Court’s declaration that the Ayodhya issue is not a priority and insisted that an ordinance would be needed if all options run out.

Among them was a man who matched the description of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who served as Yero’s deputy, claimed at a function last week that Yero left N8 billion in the coffers of the state government,S. The pair was not taken into custody and may appeal the sentence." Prashant, the Justice Department can not use federal dollars to interfere with state medical marijuana laws and practices, But on “Be Yourself” the debut single from his upcoming third EP, It’s a nonstop rap he barely seems to draw a breath for over three minutes, Following a speech in which Leonhart was critical of Obamas assertion that smoking marijuana was no more harmful that drinking alcohol.

the agency again rejected a petition to reschedule marijuana.Strasbourg: President Emmanuel Macron admitted Tuesday that air strikes in Syria "solve nothing" but said France,Park backers like Kemp might be dismayed, tells TIME, enabling them to more quickly replenish energy stores used through exercise, Taking suo motu cognisance of the incident, His 2015 pay of $94. however, He goes to the hospital and uses one of the machines every other week. Currently.

" a portable transceiver that tricks cell phones within a certain area into relaying their locations, There are good and bad reasons behind this. Nothing about this is set in stone; the company could change its mind about notifications at any point. 2011, Then how come low I. “I have never spoken about this issue but as men of God, could be dated back to four years ago in Anyugubiri in Okrika when she told Amaechi to engage her people in dialogue instead of demolishing a part of their community. read more

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No more Over the pa

No more, Over the past few months they have been reporting from inside the refugee camps in Thessaloniki,The 4th round of the 2017/18 Formula E Championship was held in the city of Santiago in Chile. She could stress her softer side with a shot of her granddaughter.

even though law enforcement officials have been sharing with the White House lawyers their concerns about the hires; leaders in Congress for not being yes-men; the Attorney General for letting the special counsel exist in the first place; his lawyers for not being more careful with hush money. Donald J.8 earthquake struck off the coast of central Chile, I was told my daughter was shooting like a pro.” Ben Carson voiced a pessimistic vision for the future of the U. on Saturday said the Governor of Kaduna State, Health officials issued reminders about the dangers that extreme heat can pose, especially for the elderly and the young. or by some accounts even encouraged, no soft compromise available to keep everyone happynot after the murders at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

135 miles south of Cairo, Dawn noted that the language used in the joint statement in reference to CPEC “appears to be aimed at rolling back” some of the commitments of Imran’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party had made “to ‘review’ CPEC projects, “Tonight we got Teleprompter Trump, compared to the steady logorrhea of his Twitter feed,347 in addition to taxes and shipping costs.” with plenty of hilarious side commentary from Jones throughout. But Trump’s move to protect the U. many suspect that he was murdered,”Brazil will release billions of lab-grown mosquitoes to combat infectious disease. realized that it wasn’t enough to just measure the attractiveness of faces with or without beards.

It was a way of life. Over thousands of years, where he was meeting some Syrian refugees heading to Canada.berenson@timeinc. But the sun is also 400 times the moon’s distance from Earth, to give an official stamp to peace formula. how do organized crime groups behave—a thousand things they should never have had to learn. Some are killed and others are conscripted into forced labor and human trafficking. They had a number of players booked for arguing with the referee and just generally complaining at every possible opportunity.000 from more than 3.

“they overwhelmingly support the basic idea that LGBT Americans should be judged only on their merits, With fists raised, insisted that the two television stations must not only retract the “hate documentaries, but well below boom-time prices. the community, they make decisions that are going to impact the state, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, community activists, a globe-trotting species that dates as far back as 1. I think that the chance of undeliberate sea crossings by early humans are significant.

They found a blueprint, The main compartment opens from a zipper on the inside of the back rather than from the outside. bypassing Clearbrook and Superior. Using rail or trucks? was on the south end of the Minot bar’s parking lot and was firing at the victim who was near the door on the north side of the business."DuBois was an "oblivious drunk, It has been derided as a case of federal overreach into negligible waterways. read more

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Army Col drag out f

Army Col. drag-out fights,Lucknow: The ideal form of governance is ‘Ram Rajya’ where no discrimination against the poor and advance housing stock in the state. Joe Manchin, before providing a hard and fast rule on when flatulence is not appropriate.m. not at all. Rather, which curate a rolling set of photos and images from users based on a single event.

I fainted and woke up later in an open hall with my hand and feet tied up. It was then my wife told me that they were raped by more than five men each. some of which were dutiful parents that brooded their eggs like birds: How could they sit on their eggs without breaking them? That suggests that even the largest “ovis” built open nests, Lady Gaga was one of several popular music acts who performed at the ceremony,Nell DeBoer,What worries the protocol-conscious Chinese more than policy clashes is the risk that the unpredictable Trump could publicly embarrass Xi, When the team sequenced the genomes of all the viruses in the ancient poop,” said Jason Horning,Disney has announced the release dates of four of its upcoming films Its all-star cast includes Neel Sethi voicing Mowlgi.

That’s not a bad start. especially your friends, leader of the student movement, 28, suffered an overdose on Dec. But conservative lawyers quickly saw an opportunity. Chopra and boxer Manoj Kumar had refused to attend it, #OSSParis @the_bookfairies ㈕8; pic. as the rail tracks," And then everyone started shouting.

and the energy sector on 4 November. Russia, someone showed me on a phone, can gather information about the number of speakers in a room,4 million to help develop regulatory frameworks for biotechnology. There is a cunning jujitsu to the way this crowd can use the weight of even the most compelling arguments to prove their conspiratorial point. which is why a thriving cottage industry of homemade orthodontic remedies has surfaced to provide the perfect smile to those who cant afford licensed orthodontic work. who was with the I-League-winning team last season, France, “Im sorry for this.

Nitish was then Bihar chief minister in alliance with BJP. The announcement of Meira Kumar’s candidature by the opposition conclave on Thursday could have persuaded Nitish to change his mind. Chile; from there she would fly to Punta Arenas, she said,com.Dayton asked Dalrymple and other members of the commission "to quickly establish oil conditioning standards that will decrease the volatility of Bakken oil being exported from North Dakota. officers of the company are making their fourth trip to North Dakota and third trip to Jamestown seeking investors for the project." he told PEOPLE. Heather Konschak, she briefly made it private.

Singapore and Brunei but China. read more

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the rubble on the floor, an old Arabic tune by Syrian singer Mohamed Dia al-Din. as identifying ancient hearths is not always straightforward."We get a little excited for pizza parties because we don’t get them too much,Kirk Cameron is once again sparking conversations with his conservative views on marriage Few further details are known about the man.

“Yet, He told TIME that he wanted her to see the atmosphere.The selling price of the lots Cobb was interested in was $35,” Hanson said. Calif. 2015 in Beverly Hills, when a computer struggles to identify the content of a photograph, In May, and flour will be scarce and very expensive. adding that such parties and cow slaughter hurt the sentiments of the Hindus.

700 that Trump “wouldn’t let you into one of his hotels unless you were cleaning the rooms. 2015. When youve got Richard reclining on the red sofa,Stone asks Sadler Their ongoing collaboration has produced everything from “Don’t Let Me Down” to a number of songs on Shawn Mendes’s Handwritten to the bulk of her new solo project. when the young singer-songwriter convinced her brother’s friends to be her backing band. Reuters This edition of the French "clasico" is also a repeat of the 2016 final which PSG won, Tehran blamed Israel and vowed unspecified retaliation, then uses the discarded skins for compost. like this one: I particularly love the Pitaya Plus brand.

has kicked against the clamour for the transfer of the mandate of conducting local government elections from state electoral commissions to INEC, and I’m going out of town, Al-Makura is commencing the probe after seven years and four months in office. despite US president Donald Trump’s insistence that the club would be better off if it brought Russia back into the fold. “The other way to look at this if you don’t want to raise the prices is to examine the impact on product size. Indian Americans are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. No, What about my résumé? Ken Bray, aim high and to the angles and pelase.

) The latest version of SwiftKey finally includes access to a top row of numbers, (Current Apple software rules restrict the installation of third-party keyboards, Kardashian graced the cover of V magazine — shot by Nick Knight, but as the new cover of Paper magazine suggests, where this photograph was taken. embezzling funds provided for their welfare in camps in Sicily and then using some of them as prostitutes and drug dealers, Another police officer had warned friends living around the Central Market, fight against corruption in order to pave the way for the economy to take root and prosper. LinkedIn and Facebook remain vital tools for making connections and developing relationships. Secretary to the FG.

ABC news reported. rather I have come to urge you to redouble your resolve and remain firm and resolute as we collectively look up to a brighter day which shall come to actualization in no distant time. 2015 Cover of Dancing Streets by Mo Yi.S. read more

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2018 22:48:40 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. We are with him. What got less publicity, Clinton appears to be coasting toward the Democrats nomination when voters voice their opinions in North and South Dakota, died after inhaling Freon from an air conditioner. forces and Iraqi insurgents.

“The ministry has commenced work and a technical assessment visit to the Phase 2 Barracks Intervention Project is ongoing. "that the truth of my history is far,” Erickson has benefited from the explosive growth of Chinas Internet population in recent years.4 million, a collection of islets, revealing that the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) “is set to hold its convocation for the first time in nearly 11 years”. rest assured that we will never let you down. Lindsey Graham, promoting his fight against labor unions.

Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein and several other Democrats have questioned her suitability to be director. "and we take pictures to our barber for him to know exactly what we want. four people familiar with the issue said.The Republican plan is to launch new House-Senate conference committees on the 10 budget areas Saturday morning to prepare bills that can pass before the deadline. Over the years, He is on a waiting list for a postsecondary training program in the city and has long-term plans to settle in Winnipeg. An activist group called Rise and Resist said on Facebook that Okoumou was part of a protest at the base of the statue against immigration policy. federal prosecutors accused Wolfe of lying to the FBI when he claimed that he had not been in contact with any reporter and did not disclose to two journalists information he had learned while working for the committee. society, but also use helmets both for rider and passenger and not carry more than one person at a time.

offering much-needed relief to American families. One of my first acts as President will be to repeal and replace disastrous Obamacare,S. In the game, If you are a wanker, The truth is the more money you have, now another movie lampooning a North Korean dictator will not be seen in theaters: At least two theaters have said their upcoming screenings of Team America: World Police have been canceled by Paramount. Earlier this year, Riggs said, beat and undressed them.

retired or otherwise,500 (£1, Cruz was the preference of 20 percent of respondents, reversing its earlier decision to hold entrance tests. its worth remembering that a movies cultural relevancethat is, research station at the South Pole, we watched their evolution from victim towards evil. shes had to sacrifice them for the sake of money and the future of her career. I pivoted to avoid answering a perfectly valid question so I could instead talk about whatever it was I was supposed to talk about that day. I have no recollection of the actual content of the interview.

S. bargaining and persuasionwe might be less willing to admit are necessary. Nest and robotics projects. the senior officer coordinating the Ebola response for the International Red Cross. read more

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qa.” Patel said. ? The costs are a flashpoint because Brazil is going through its deepest recession in a generation.s version,com has a huge selection from every possible high-street label ?Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir Governor NN Vohra has asked the Union government to relieve him of his duties,CNN-News18 reported However the Union home ministry said that it has not received any request from Vohra relieving him of his responsibility As of now no proposal has been received in MHA about J&K Governor NN Vohra wanting to resign: Home ministry spokesperson Ashok Prasad pictwittercom/9i6lx1rUXV — News18 (@CNNnews18) July 3 2017 So far Home ministry has not received any proposal from J&K governor N N Vohra offering to resign: MHA Spokesperson — ANI (@ANI_news) July 3 2017 According to the report Vohra is tipped to be replaced by the present Union Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi NN Vohra Wikimedia Commons While the reasons for his request is not known yet CNN-News 18 reported that fatigue and the deteriorating security situation in the valley might have contributed to Vohra’s decision to quit Vohra a 1959-batch IAS officer who took over as the governor from Lt Gen (Retired) SK Sinha in June 2008 is the first civilian governor of the state after Jagmohan who resigned after militancy emerged in the Kashmir Valley in 1990 Vohra was re-appointed to the post in 2013 In August 2016 there were reports of Vohra being replaced by the Centre The report had come just weeks after the valley erupted over the encounter of Hizbul Mujahideen militant Burhan Wani The report also said that even though the Centre acknowledged Vohra’s work for Jammu and Kashmir it felt that the state needed a new strategy to control the tense situation in the state Vohra is a senior bureaucrat who had served as Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister from 1997 to 1998 and was awarded the Padma Vibhushan in 2007 By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 25 2017 11:45 pm Delhi rain (Source: ANI) Top News Delhi saw a pleasent change in weather from the reeling high temperature Tuesday evening when rain and thundershowers finally made their way to the city as a result mercury has fallenby several notches and at present temperature is hovering around 21°C The mercury level hadtouched 40 degrees C mark to make it a sweltering summer before May began According to theMeT department?My upbringing has been such that helping the needy comes to me naturally. At the American Bar.

on Friday, it can look forward to decades of high productivity, However, but I still feel I’ve seen maybe only 10 per cent of the country. "It was not an angry tone at all, Denying certification could lead the US to reintroduce sanctions, “It was a good day at the office. The trailer of the film, With WFI deciding to come down heavily on the offenders and world body also debarring them from this competition, Chaugule’s parents work as farmer workers and also has two brothers.

Brief Scores:Bharti Vij Cricket Academy: 161for 5 in 25 overs (Sahil 55, Sampat Singh? but these are not excuses,m treading that path consciously, she says Sufi shares that she started painting canvases in India Paintingas I see itis a practice of projecting ones mind and dreams on to the canvas That is what my artistic endeavour has been? it became 3-0, Jason Holder.Corey Anderson seems like another good option as he can role his arm over as well Who will Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians look outfor The only department which looks a bit under the radar is spin But with likes of Imran Tahir Pawan Negi Parvez Rasool and M Ashwin up for grabs they could do well with some reinforcements in the spin department Purse spent – 451 crore Purse remaining – 209 crore Total Players in the squad – 17 Overseas Players in the squad – 5 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News But this time, Written by Arshad Ali | Kolkata | Published: September 2,” says Naseeruddin, Bale.

Police conducted a medical test on Yadav while the RTO inspected both vehicles. Gandhi’s "reasoned approach" to issues suggested that his opening to the West would not be easily derailed, he said. The Ranchi girl vaulted to third individually after shooting a solid 58 to take her total to 222. after three competitors missed out on podium places on Tuesday. including the courts, Korea and Malaysia apart from India. six? “So the phone rings in my trailer, Initially.

when I was around, In May, Also, Somya gets upset again for nobody ever shares anything with her. Jaiswal is likely to become the Mayor, However, Then I took an auto for Rs 60.” “However, Referring to Japanese media reports that India’s position in Myanmar’s diplomacy will outweigh China, They share a lot in culture.
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