Gov Gen David Johnston breaks rules by touching Queens arm

first_imgA momentary breach of protocol that saw the Governor General touch the Queen’s arm has at least one British tabloid abuzz but some on social media say it’s nothing to get worked up about.Gov. Gen. David Johnston hosted the monarch Wednesday at Canada House in central London to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary and helped her up and down the red-carpeted stairs.Johnston reportedly told media there he was worried the Queen would trip.The incident captured some tabloids’ attention, with the Daily Mail calling out Johnston for his faux pas in breaking royal protocol.But online observers seemed unfazed by the misstep, which many deemed too minor to cause a scandal.Some on social media even suggested the 91-year-old Queen should be grateful for the help.“The man helped an elderly lady from falling,” one wrote on Twitter.“‘Governor General acts like Canadian Gentleman’ is a better headline,” another tweeted.Some suggested there would have been a bigger uproar if the Queen had slipped while Johnston stood idly by.Dignitaries are not supposed to touch the Queen, though that rule has been broken in the past.Former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama made international headlines when she hugged the monarch in 2009.last_img

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